THE week to find as much new Hajranen as possible: the introduction week! Together with the committee and the volunteers we kicked things off as usual at the Limbo pad: flags, flyers, music and Harrie, everyone got a first glimpse of Hajraa. Then followed the volunteering BBQ, from which I only remember the gezelligheid and the Sangria :). At the campusmarket, we blasted some bangers from the GHB-cart and made sure all the first-years got their gadgets and their volleyball playtime. What followed was the WordLid!-party, where we had 2 walking QR-codes to make sure people could be persuaded to join Hajraa. Already quite broken, we both held beach- and indoor-volleyball workshops where the kiddo's could really shine their volleyball skills. Lastly, some brave Hajranen tackled the Doorhaaldonderdag challenge (not me) to top it all off. Thank you intro-committee for this amazing effort all week long!