In addition to all the sporting efforts at Hajraa, there is of course also time for relaxation and fun. Outside of going out, there are also the necessary and infamous Hajraa parties organized, where we all create beautiful evenings! These parties are organized by the party-cie.


There is far too much happening within Hajraa to hear everything. That's why Hajraa publishes the Tsjak a few times a year: an association book full of stories about the latest activities, beautiful statements and everything you shouldn't have missed.


The Sponsor-cie deals with Hajraa's sponsor relationships. This concerns both the search for new relationships, the preservation of current relationships and the expansion of the reunion network (of which all former Hajraa members can become a member).

Hajraa Outdoor

To organize the biggest grass volleyball tournament in Europe, a large commission is of course necessary. Every year a fantastic weekend is organized with a group of 9 people. A competition schedule has to be made, parties have to be organized and campsites have to be built. In the meantime, it's all enjoyable. The setting up is already fun and at the tournament is completely free for you of course!


As soon as the volleyball season is over and the sun slowly begins to shine outside, the Beach Committee comes into action. This committee organizes tournaments and training sessions so that you can play volleyball close to the student sports center.


Grass, Hall and Beach tournaments are visited by this committee. Every year a number of tournaments are selected where the GHB takes as many Hajranen as possible. With the trailer, beech bungalow and music it is always a spectacle at the GHB!


Back on the road! On the home days we want to make the most of the home advantage. The Noise Committee therefore provides the Hajraa conviviality and good encouragement in the stands. This way all our Hajraa teams get the support they need!


Also our beautiful website needs to be built and updated so there is always up-to-date information to be found. This is done by a few skilled members who are ready when something needs to be done.


The name gives it away a bit, darts and kanopolo in one. This committee organizes a super cozy day on which you first go canoeing and then darts while enjoying a few (or lots of) beers.

Hajraa Indoor

To get the competition off to a good start, the Bito committee organizes a tournament before the start of the new season. At this tournament many other teams from the region come to prepare for the competition. This beautiful tournament will be concluded with a nice BBQ and a great party!


Every night it will happen... More and more Hajranen are found dead in the morning. After extensive research there is nothing else to be done. THERE ARE WEREWOLVES IN HAJRAA! Will the Hajranen succeed in unmasking the werewolves? Join in and find out during Hajraa's Werewolf week!

Charity committee

This is the charity committee! Yes, it finally exists! They are going to contribute to good causes this year! They plan to do some local activities, like 'oma's soep' and put on a big event to raise money. You will all hear much more about this later! If you have a good cause of your own they could look into, let us know!


During the Intro-week it is important that Hajraa is put on the map! The Intro-cie puts Hajraa in the spotlight by showing Hajraa good side during the Intro-week. From activities, to bbq's for Hajranen, to being a volunteer at the intro parties. The Intro-cie makes sure that as much Hajraa blue is present as possible.

Sailing weekend

Hajranen are good at volleyball, but sailing is not a problem either. During the sailing weekend you go with a couple of boats on the water so you can relax. A drink and the sun and your week is complete!


Fun is paramount during this activity. This stereotypical student activity is a great feast for singing and drinking! The activity is led by the presidium. During the cantus you will get to know your fellow Hajranen better!

Diner Rouler

What could be more fun than cooking in pairs for other Hajranen. There are 3 courses but you always eat with other duos. You don't know in advance who you're eating with! During this evening you will get to know your fellow Hajranen very well. At the end of the evening a lot of Hajranen end up in Stratum where there is still a lot of partying going on. The committee takes care of the logistics so everyone has a new location with new duos for each hallway.


Ready for great sensations for your taste buds? The Consumption is ready for you! This committee organizes the most awesome tastings where not only all the flavors come along, but where you also learn something from!


Winning your own games is always fun, but it's also fun to guess what other teams are going to do. The Toto is a competition within the club where this is possible. It gives the Fridays an extra cozy touch.


The activity in which the men and women of Hajraa first each separately do a wonderful typical men's or women's activity, to prepare them for when they can party and dance together again.

Board Hajraa

Ready for the real deal? Then the Hajraa board might be something for you! The Hajraa board consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and competition secretary. The board tries to steer the association in the right direction.

Ardennen Weekend

A long standing committee is the Ardennes Commission. For years there has been a cosy weekend in the Ardennes where nature is also visited by Hajranen. A relaxing environment and the coziness of Hajraa makes this again a wonderful weekend, where lots memories are made.


Not averse to a little cold? The Après-cie is certainly not! Every year a group of Hajranen gets on a bus to Bottrop. A day full of skiing, snowboarding and lots of fun. Everyone can show his talent, whether on the slopes or in the apres-ski hut.


Hajranen also do their utmost every year to run during the Batavierenrace. An event full of partying, running and fun. The Bata-cie makes sure that every year it’s a weekend to remember!