Confidential Contact Persons

Have you experienced something unpleasant? Is something bothering you? Or are you not at your best? Then let’s talk about it!  

It is possible to talk to confidential contacts within and outside Hajraa. If you have experienced something that bothers you, that you don’t really know what to do with or that you think should be reported, it is possible to discuss this with Hugo Pessers (Gents 4) or Marit Hoogenboom (Ladies 4). Both of us have followed a training (Hugo via NOC NSF and Marit via the TU/e) to be able to give the right support in difficult situations.

We are the confidential contact persons (CCPs) of Hajraa and are ready to help everyone with their problems. We listen to you and help you figure out the best next steps and who to contact for support. Most importantly, anything you tell one of us will remain confidential and thus it will remain entirely between the two of us. We only have a duty to report if we hear something very serious (e.g. in the event of a serious complaint or if you pose a danger to yourself).

So, if you want to talk to us, you can send us a message or an email, our contact details can be found below. You can also always address us if you see us to schedule a conversation. For us scheduling this conversation is important because in that way we go into the conversation with the right mindset.

If you do not feel comfortable sharing your story with one of us, it is also possible to visit one of the CCPs at TU/e: business/student counseling/trust-contacts-peer-listeners/?L=0.

Hugo Pessers: 06 51396116 of
Marit Hoogenboom: 06 13817818 of

Hugo Pessers:

Marit Hoogenboom:

Tel.: 06 51396116

Tel.: 06 13817818