Hajraa is one of the largest student sport associations in Eindhoven, and with Hajraa high level volleyball and the student life go together very well. Do you want to have a slamming time during your study? Then you should come play volleyball with Hajraa! We can offer volleyball at every level and lots of fun activities like weekend trips to the Ardennen or go sailing for a few days.

Hajraa consists of 8 gentlemens teams and 6 ladies teams. Both the gentlemen's and ladies teams play in the 3rd class up to the 2nd division. So we can offer volleyball at every level. These teams all play the official Dutch NeVoBo competition which is played every Saturday. There is also a recreative group. This group, trained by Niek Latuhihin, learns the very basics of volleyball in a fun environment.


The 16 Hajraa teams compete every Saturday against a team with the same level. Half of those days are home days, so everyone plays a match in the Students Sports Centre. Those days attract lots of visitors and are ideal to watch the other teams play. One of the trainers is Misha Latuhihin, he was part of the selection that won Olympic gold in Atlanta. The other main trainers are also skilled division players.

Als je competitie speelt bij Hajraa dan train je twee- of driemaal per week. Deze trainingen worden worden onder andere verzorgd door Misha Latuhihin, deel van de selectie die Olympisch kampioen werd in Atlanta.


If you don’t want to play competition you could train with the team of you level. Trainings are organised on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Every team trains two times a week, the highest ladies and gentlemen teams have a extra training.

Please look at the teampages for training hours, you will also find the trainer organising the training.


Typical for Hajraa are the amount of activities and people joining those activities. Every month a crowded activity is being organised, like a weekend to the Ardennen or paintballing. People from Hajraa are often to be found in our favourite bar, β€˜t Lempke.

Hajraa Outdoor

For 40 years Hajraa has organised the largest outdoor tournament of Europe with over 5000 visitors and the coolest parties of Eindhoven. This tournament is made possible by all the volunteers at Hajraa.


Do you have any questions, or would you like to train with Hajraa once? Send us a message via secretaris@hajraa.nl or talk to someone from Hajraa. During the introduction we will wear blue shirts, so we are easy to recognize!