Hajraa is one of the largest student sport associations in Eindhoven, and with Hajraa high level volleyball and the student life go together very well. Do you want to have a slamming time during your study? Then you should come play volleyball with Hajraa! We can offer volleyball at every level and lots of fun activities like weekend trips to the Ardennen or go sailing for a few days.

Hajraa counts 8 gents teams and 9 ladies teams in the official NeVoBo competition. The gents teams play from the fourth class until the second division. And the ladies teams from the fourth class until the second division. Besides that we have fun teams with recreational players. They're learning the volleyball techniques from the very beginning. This way Hajraa offers volleyball on literally every level!


The 17 Hajraa teams play their matches on saturday. Half of those are home matches which means that all teams play in the Student Sports Centre. These days the bleachers are filled with spectators. Teams cheer eachother on and the sports centre turns Hajraablue. A beer in the city centre after the games?

If you play competition at Hajraa then you train two or three times a week. These trainings are given by among others Misha Latuhihin, part of the selection that became Olympic champions in Atlanta.


Training at Hajraa is always possible if there is space and you can train with us for two times, to continue after this you will need to become a Hajraa member. Trainings are on monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday, of which friday is the association night. Because all teams train on that day the canteen becomes one big party.

For the training times, look under menu option 'teams'. Here you'll find per team the times, level and who provides the training.


Typerend voor Hajraa zijn de vele activiteiten en mensen die er aan deelnemen. Iedere maand is er wel weer een veelbezochte activiteit, zoals het zeilweekend, ardennenweekend, paintballen, binnentoernooi en karten. Ook zijn Hajranen regelmatig te vinden in Café Costa, de stamkroeg van Hajraa.

Hajraa Outdoor

For 40 years Hajraa has organised the largest outdoor tournament of Europe with over 5000 visitors and the coolest parties of Eindhoven. This tournament is made possible by all the volunteers at Hajraa.


Do you have any questions, or would you like to train with Hajraa once? Send us a message via secretaris@hajraa.nl or talk to someone from Hajraa. During the introduction we will wear blue shirts, so we are easy to recognize!

The articles of association and the household rules (both documents are Dutch only) can be requested via mail from the secretary at secretaris@hajraa.nl.