After everyone had fought hard for the exams, Thursday evening November 10th it was time for an escalation evening!! It was perfect that the sexcie activity was on the schedule. During this activity, the men and women are separated and typical men and women activities are done. This year there were around 60 registrations!! The men entertained themselves with card games, claying vaginas, making a bicycle small (jumping!!), and building a campfire. The testosterone definitely came up with this, #MANNEN. The women, on the other hand, learned perfect dance moves at a salsa dance workshop, clayed dicks and had karaoke. After the women and men had been separated for a long time, things started to itch and in the end, it was definitely time to get back together. There was then a great chat about the evening by the campfire and after that, a few even went to the city. Last year a record "lijntjes" was reached at the sexcie, the question is whether that will also be the case this year :p. Thanks Sexcie!!