October 1 was the day, Hajraa turned 65 and with that, we ushered in the 13th lustrum of our beautiful association! This day started with a reception at the sports centre in which the history and present of Hajraa and Buto were presented. There were also a number of home matches that day, which were played earlier on purpose so that everyone had time to get ready for the lustrum gala. Before the gala, there was a dinner, in which everyone in their most beautiful outfit enjoyed a 4-course dinner and delicious glasses of wine or beers. After dinner, there was another talk and then it was time for a glass of champagne with which the gala was opened. The opening was even more spectacular because of the chair dance (stoelendans) won by Hodor (or paula ;P). There was a lot of dancing, chatting and many beautiful pictures were taken in the photo booth. It was very funny to see all the Hajranenyou normally only see in sports outfits, once in a tight suit or nice evening dress. It was a very successful start to the lustrum year!! Thank you Lustum committee!!