On September 10 it was time for BiTo again. This is the Hajraa indoor tournament, a day where practice matches are played by all Hajraa teams and all teams can show that they are already the best before the season starts :P. This year it was again a successful tournament with a total of 25 teams from other associations and of course our own 17 teams. All teams have done their best and the Hajraa songs have also been practiced again when encouraging. After everyone had drunk the necessary beers in the canteen, it was time to leave for Demos for a BBQ. When everyone had eaten delicious it was time to drink more beer and dance at the great (theme!) party that went on until the late hours. The theme of the party was 1001 nights. It was nice to see that some teams had done their best on their outfits (#chips/pyjamas). It was also clear that no one was used to drinking beer after a match because the drunk-level was high. Thanks BiTo committee!!