Sunday 27th of March, Harjanen showed their athletic side during the dakanopolo activity. This day started in the afternoon with canoe polo (water polo in canoes). Unfortunately, no canoes were available this year, but the committee had come up with a nice alternative; water polo with floaties, very tiring but certainly ideal for a hangover. There was still one canoe present!!! The homemade challenge cup was in the shape of a canoe. This year it was won by Els, Anne, Kim and Vincent!! We then left to café 't Zwaantje to first enjoy fries, snacks and beer in the sun, and then play darts. Everyone has been able to show their darts skills during a tactics darts tournament. In the end, the winning team was determined with a game of throwing bulls!! Barbie & Hoek (Levi & Joppe) threw a Bull and can call themselves the darts champions for this year. It was a successful, fun and sporty day!! Thanks Dakanopolo committee!!