Corona guidelines Hajraa


  • Do you have any symptoms? Stay home and get tested.
  • Keep 1.5m distance, also for people under 18. The Sports Center does not make a distinction in this because it is too difficult to check.
  • Give each other space in the hallways and other areas and do not stand still in passageways.
  • Can (a large part of) the team not be present because of quarantine? Please notify us a.s.a.p. via:
  • For other questions about our rules, please contact:
  • There are people from the board and Hajraa representatives present at all times. You should listen to them. You can also go to them with questions.

Before the match

  • Spectators are NOT allowed in the Hall. Per visiting team four non-playing people are allowed to be present. This is a combination of car drivers and technical staff. The technical staff can take their seats on the bench next to the field and the car drivers can take their seats in the designated areas in the stands. The names and contact information of all four visitors will be noted by us and passed on to the Sports Center.
  • Please complete the DWF at home already.
  • You are welcome 40 minutes before the match. Before that, you will not be allowed to enter. You will then have 10 minutes to change shoes, fill a water crate, etc. After that, you have 30 minutes to warm up and prepare.
  • The locker room space in the Sports Center is limited. Come to the match dressed.
  • Disinfect your hands when you enter the Sports Center
  • One person fills the water bottles at the tab in the toilet.
  • You take your place in the stands (hall 1) or next to the field (hall 3) to change shoes, etc. Here too you maintain a distance of 1.5 m. You may not encourage, shout or sing here.
  • Wait to enter the fields until the teams that have finished have left the hall.

During the match

  • Do not shake hands and avoid other physical contact such as high fives or hugs, but do greet your opponents and referee.
  • All staff and substitutes must keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other outside the field.
  • Shouting, singing songs or yells are not allowed. Modest celebration of a point is allowed.
  • When changing halves, also maintain the 1.5 meter distance. Walk clockwise around the field.
  • There is plenty of ventilation in the halls, the fields next to each other are in use. Do stay in your own field.
  • You do not pick up balls that roll through the field from another game, you roll them back with your foot (quietly) to the field it came from.

After the match

  • Leave the field immediately after the match.
  • Please shower at home if possible. If you do want to shower, do it immediately after the game, and adhere to the maximum number of people allowed in the locker rooms. Please use the closest changing rooms. If you are playing a match in hall 3, use the dressing room on the right side (as seen from the entrance). If you are playing in hall 1, use the locker rooms on the left side of the Sports Center. There are both men's and women's locker rooms on both sides. Translated with (free version)
  • Are the locker rooms on your side of the Sports Center full? Then wait on the bleachers (Hall 1) or between the fields (Hall 3) until there is room in the locker rooms! You will not be allowed to enter the cafeteria even then. You are not allowed to cheer, shout or sing in the stands or between the fields.
  • The canteen is NOT open for visiting teams. Only home teams are welcome.