Buto committee

For the organization of the biggest grass volleyball tournament of Europe it of course takes a great committee. Every year a group of about 8 people gets to work to put a fantastic weekend together. Matches have to be scheduled, parties have to be planned, camping sites have to be set up and this of course also has to be build up and controlled. But next to all the work that has to be done, it also is a moment to enjoy. The building up is already fun and at the tournament it is even greater to be part of it!

Party committee

Next to all the efforts we put into playing volleyball it of course is also needed to relax and party a bit. To do that, Hajraa members aren’t only to be found at the city center at night, but we also organize our own parties where we create wonderful evenings!


One of the newest committees at Hajraa is the Sexcie. The activities Hajraa has are open to all members, but from time to time it’s nice to be with your own gender.  Therefore the Sexcie organizes activities to make sure this is also possible.

Sailing committee

Members of Hajraa are good at playing volleyball, but also sailing isn’t a problem. Out on the water with a few boats in order to completely relax. Combine this with a drink and a little bit of sunshine and your weekend is complete!


Winning your own games is always fun, but it’s also nice to guess what other teams are doing.  The toto gives the opportunity for you to see if you can predict the results of the matches better than the others.


Within Hajraa too much happens to know every thing. Therefore Hajraa publishes a few times per year a magazine: the Tsjak. Here you can read about the last activities, funny statements and everything you should know of what happened.


To make sure the information on the site is up to date and working properly we have a committee with a few capable people  who will help when needed. This new site even came from their hands!

Ardennes committee

One of the older committees is the Ardennes committee. For many years a great weekend in the outdoors is planned. A calm environment with a great group of Hajraa members always makes this weekend to a big success.

BiTo Commissie

To start the league well this committee organizes for the start of the new season tournament. Many other teams come to this tournament from the region along to get ready for the compitie. This beautiful tournament concludes with usually a BBQ and a great party.

Intro Commissie

During the introduction week is important that Hajraa is put on the card! This committee ensures that Hajraa attention also given to show during the intro week. Hajraa her good side Activities, to bbq for hajranen, to freely accede to the intro parties and ensure that there are as many hajraablauw present is all part of it.

Diner Rouler

What is more fun than cooking for other duos Hajranen. There are 3 courses cooked but still you eat with other duos. You never really know who you eat! The committee arranges the logistics for each course so that everyone has a new location with new duos.


The name says it all a little way, darts and a karting. This committee organizes a super fun day which is first ridden and then gedard.

GHB Committee

Grass, Hall Beach and tournaments are visited by this committee. Are a number of tournaments select which GHB as many people trying to get Hajraa. You go every year

Beach Committee

Recently the sports center features beach plots. This committee arranges tournaments or trainers so yummy close to the SSC can be gebeachvolleybalt.

Wintersport Committee

Skiing or snowboarding, which is better? This, and other life questions can be answered during this week. Where a delegation of Hajraa her snowboard, ski or apres ski arts shows on the slopes. All organized by this committee.

Sponsor Committee

This committee deals with the relations of Hajraa. This concerns both the search for new relationships, maintaining existing relationships and expanding the alumni network (where all the old members Hajraa member may be).